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Corona is an invisible devil which is probably sent by god to teach a lesson to human and as of now it’s just like god who is not visible and does affect badly some and bless some and I feel as of now there is absolutely no treatment and as a doctor my humble request is to stay home and stay safe we as doctors have no choice to face it physically and we will fight out for u.


COVID doesn’t differentiate between poor and rich good or bad , hindu or muslim or Christian or Sikh or jain it will kill few.

Let’s fight silently by staying at home eating good food and improve immunity and do wash your hands and clean all surfaces with sanitizer.

Please follow government advice as the government has plans for us and we need to support the government and fortunately we have such a great prime minister ( MODI) and Chief minister (KCR) who are coordinatively working for our safety.

If this disease become violent 23cr people will die as we don’t have resources and in that majority will be doctors and imagine if no docs available india is finished
Imagine if we r one of them and what will happen to our kids

Let’s defeat COVID-19 by staying home

Surgical gastroenterologist
Ananya gastroenterology and ananya hospital

Plz share it with atleast 3 in your friends and make them safe

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